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July 2015
Ask a Franciscan
CNS PHOTO/PAUL HARING Calling Priests ‘Father’
Someone recently wrote in our local newspaper that the practice of calling priests ‘father’ ignores Matthew 23:9 where Jesus says, “Call no man father but your father in heaven.”

How can I respond to that? What about the command to honor your father and mother?

Did Judas Fulfill God’s Will?
If Jesus came to be sacrificed, can we say that Judas did anything wrong because that was the will of God?
Psalm Numbers
I have noticed that Psalm 50 (“Have mercy on me, O Lord”) in the Douay-Rheims Bible is listed as Psalm 51 in the New American Bible. Why?
Sts. Theresa Neumann and Pius XII?
I cannot understand why Theresa Neumann (1898-1962) has never been canonized. She was a hardworking farm girl who wanted to become a nun. She became paralyzed and blind at the age of 20 and was cured of both three years later, the day that St. Thérèse of Lisieux was canonized.

Theresa Neumann had Christ’s stigmata and survived for 23 years on the Eucharist alone. I have a neighbor who was a World War II soldier and saw her later.

Where can I write to find out about efforts to see her declared a saint? The same for Pope Pius XII? He was an outstanding leader.

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