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September 2014
Ask a Franciscan
© FAR FLUNG GALLERY/FOTOLIA Protocol for Graveside Committal
If a Catholic does not want a formal funeral Mass when he or she dies, what would a Catholic graveside committal ceremony be like?
Few Pro-life Homilies
What explains the absence of positive instruction from the pulpit regarding the pro-life stance by the Catholic Church? I do not recall one sermon or discussion by a priest during a weekend Mass about why the Church believes that the decision of life over abortion is the only selection that a Catholic can make.

Although Catholic organizations such as the Knights of Columbus do take a positive stand on this issue, why don’t the bishops and parish priests?

Response Much Appreciated
Your answer “Did Those Bishops Sin?” (June 2014) provided a great course in corporate apologetics.

My faith was formed by the Marianist community 60 years ago. I can’t walk away from what I believe, but I certainly am not impressed by what I have seen from the US bishops’ conference.

The flock “knows its shepherd” just as surely as the shepherd knows his own. I wrote my bishop a letter, similar to the one referenced in your column, expressing my concerns. He wrote back that he would “pray for me.” No other discussion.

I won’t waste my time anymore. I think it’s evident when the shepherd doesn’t care, the flock soon follows suit.

No Statue of Mary?
Must every Catholic church have a statue of the Blessed Mother? I recently visited one that did not.
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