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June 2016
Ask a Franciscan
© BARSIK/FOTOSEARCH Disposing of Excess Goods
In the sermon several weeks ago, the priest talked about the fact that if you have two coats, you have taken one from a poor person. There was no elaboration about that, other than it is difficult to give up a coat, particularly if you wear it. That statement has bothered me.

I have more than one coat. Additionally, I do have some coats that belonged to my husband, who passed away several years ago. I have slowly donated some of his clothing, but I have found it very difficult to let all of his clothes go. I feel very guilty about having these coats. Do I need to donate them immediately? Is it a sin that I have not donated them already?

What Does the Term Confessor Mean?
I am confused about why some saints are designated as confessors. I don’t think it means that the man was a priest and a “good confessor” (like Sts. John Vianney or Padre Pio). Is this term used to mean confessing one’s faith in Christ? Was this designation ever used for women saints?
‘For Us Men’
When the powers that be changed some of the words and responses to the Mass several years ago, why did the words in the Nicene Creed “For us men and for our salvation” become exclusively male again— excluding probably 2/3 of the practicing Catholics?
Is God Missing in Action?
What do you think about the absence of God in times of crisis? I do not understand why God chooses to kill his creatures with pain, desolation, isolation, and all kinds of abuse, misery, and injustice instead of changing the circumstances.

Why doesn’t God Almighty answer those prayers? Why are there more martyrs? How can we continue believing that God is going to appear someday and help us to overcome our situation, after years and years of abuse and injustice, and after doing what we are supposed to do as Christians?

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