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April 2015
Ask a Franciscan
CNS PHOTO/NANCY WIECHEC Two Questions about Mary
In Luke 1:47, Mary proclaims that she rejoices in “God my savior.” If she is sinless, why does she need a savior or redemption? Also, isn’t she called a “co-redemptrix” with Jesus in the work of salvation?
What Do I Have to Confess?
I’m having a problem with the Sacrament of Reconciliation because I don’t know what to confess. I’m 81 years old, unmarried, and living alone. I attend Mass every Sunday and holy day of obligation and pray before meals.
Must a Body Be Present?
At the age of 93, I am planning my burial instructions and wish to be buried with my husband in a cemetery on the other side of the country. I was told by the funeral home that the Catholic Church prefers that the person’s body be present at the funeral Mass. Is that so?

If I am cremated, can that be done after a funeral Mass? Or before, and then the cremains be present for that Mass? I want to do the right thing, and also make it easier on those who survive me.

Bible Readings at Mass
I am the only Catholic in a Biblestudy group that includes 11 other Christians who know their Bibles well. I have had a good Catholic education (including the college level 70 years ago), but back then the Catholic Church did not put much emphasis on studying the Bible.

I have been told that if a Catholic attended Mass every day for three years, he or she would have heard the entire Bible read. Is that true? I don’t want to misinform my Biblestudy friends.

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