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© GEORG HENRIK LEHNERER/INGIMAGE Junipero Serra: Saint or Scoundrel?
Pope Francis is poised to canonize the first American Hispanic saint, a Franciscan, who some suggest was destroying Native American culture.
By Maureen Pratt
Reel Time
Batkid Begins
By Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP
Ask a Franciscan
Why No Eulogies?
By Father Pat McCloskey, OFM
Painting by Sister Kay Francis
PHOTO BY TIM BISHOP The Injustice of Fracking
Yes, we need gas. But at what cost?
By Dennis Sadowski
PHOTO BY PATRICK DELAHANTY Her Mission Is More than Money
You probably wouldn’t expect a religious sister to be on The Nonprofit Times’ “Power and Influence Top 50” list. Well, then, meet Sister Georgette Lehmuth.
By Carol Ann Morrow
William Rieter Makeup Artist to the Saints
Catholic art connects us to our beliefs and tradition. Lou McClung makes sure that art isn’t forgotten.
Text by Jerri Donohue, photos by William Rieter
COURTESY OF JAMES MARTIN, SJ Finding the Bay of Parables
We don’t have to travel far to hear God’s message.
By James Martin, SJ
PHOTO FROM 17215/INGIMAGE Don’t Let Illness Get You Down
Sickness damages more than our bodies. Here are five ways to help you cope.
By Rita E. Piro
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Mary Lou Carlson, OSF
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Batkid Begins
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